As for quality, we do never accept compromise!

ixes logistik-kontrolleixes logistik-servicesWe only store and sell  high-quality, new and unused components, and there is no compromise in this respect when it comes to the selection of and cooperation with our suppliers.

We cooperate only with franchise distributors or stocking distributors whose solutions are like our services and mindset - they are tailored to your needs, competitively priced and 1st. class quality.

As we don’t make  any compromises on quality, so you may find a product cheaper somewhere, but you'll never get a better quality.

In addition, we provide the following project-related services:

  • Full functional tests according to datasheet specifications
  • X-ray inspections and dry packing
  • Optimum packing in nitrogen

Packaging with Dry-Packs

It is an option which consistently maintains the high quality of all components. With the help of moisture barrier materials and humidity indicator, the humidity level in the package is kept as low as possible.

Tape and Reel Service

Services provided include SMD, axial and radial component tape and reel. The belting complies with IEC 60286/3 or EIA 481 standard. The facility operates in accordance with ISO9001:2008 requirements.

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