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ixes AG Celebrate their 15-Year Anniversary

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In February 2002, Gerd Brügel and Sven Nauke founded ixes AG.
Their „Start-up Bonus“ was motivation, joint entrepreneurial know-how and a total of 50 years of experience in the distribution of structural components.

As it were, 2002 was not a good year for successfully starting a business. For the German economy, it was the year of dashed hopes:  After the dramatic economic downturn of 2001 everything should have improved.  Economists did not cease to conjure up a recovery at least for the second half of the year – however, the Germans waited in vain for the recovery until year-end.
A great handicap were predominantly sinking retail sales.  Four million unemployed depressed the atmosphere. Business also joined the strike to place orders and actually postponed investments long-term.  The recovered Euro additionally hampered business.  Finally, the impending war in Iraq slowed down an already weak global economy.
In spite of this negative economic environment, ixes AG developed their business successfully and ended already their first fiscal year with a profit.  The secret of their continuously ongoing profitability is a combination of “down-to-earth management”, readiness to take on responsibility, and the creativity of both founding shareholders as well as a highly competent and motivated staff.
Indeed, the past 15 years were not always easy for ixes AG.  Strong economic fluctuations render “planned business” almost impossible. In spite of not having fix franchise agreements as „back-up“, we still were able to conduct business successfully in every past fiscal year, to successfully take over several apprentices and to secure our work places long-term.
We have no clue as to how the semi-conductor business will develop. As you all know, our industry is the “early warning system” for the remaining economy. In any case, we know:  In future, we will still need fantasy, creativity and high motivation to successfully master the next 15 years.
Dear clients, suppliers and colleagues, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for a successful cooperation during the last decade and look forward to enjoy the next 15 years with you !

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