Converting excess inventory into liquid assets
is one of ixes’ expertise.

ixes einzelpostenYou set the target – ixes finds the optimal way and bring you the ideal conversion. Familiar yourself with the following possibilities:

The comercialization of single products:
Lucrative, if there is a need on the market.

If you wish to sell a limited amount of devices it is recommended to sell them as sinlge positions. The average of return on excess inventory  on each article is the highest measured in percentage, compared to the other possibilities. Determining factor: a need on the world wide market is given.

Not everyone can do it:
ixes purchases your entire surplus stocks as a complete package..

The most efficient and complete solution: We buy your entire excess material cash as one full lot – fast, fair and uncomplicated!What is your expectation? A fair offer within 24 hours. Guaranteed uncomplicated processing. So that you can concentrate on more important things

ixes full service consignmentThe ixes Integrated Consignment Partner (ICP) Program: One of our best ideas.

The full service of managing excess inventory  means you attain the highest possible yields with minimal investment.

We take over your excess inventories on commission basis,  store the components in our ISO 9001 certified warehouse and market them worldwide.

Starting from the selection of components, price assessment, warehousing, global marketing, order processing and invoicing as well as worldwide shipment, ixes takes care of the entire process.

The ixes ICP programm: the greatest tool ever created to liquidate your excess inventory at the greatest possible value!

The buyer also benefits: He purchases high-quality original goods with competitive prices, which are generally below the market rates. The quality controls are conducted in ixes’ logistics center. Upon request, the components can be newly packed and delivered on the day, when the order is placed.

The benefits of the Integrated Consignment Partner Program:

  • Complete takeover of all surplus stocks
  • Contractual cooperation based on "open-book" principles
  • Separate consignment stock-keeping based on ESD/ISO standards
  • No storage costs
  • 100 % visual check of the components
  • Evaluation of all component specific data
  • Repackaging, labeling, inventory management
  • Comprehensive value assessment and market analysis
  • Global marketing
  • Worldwide shipment and invoicing
  • Accurate report/ bill
  • Disposal of non-utilizable components

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