ixes, your partner for global procurement
and second source distribution.

ixes logistic-center 01We make sure that your shortage demand will not be short-changed by 3rd parties. ixes is acting as an independent specialist in your interest. We have cultivated tied relationships within a strong network of franchise distributors and component manufacturers of the course of the last 20 years. So we are able to reach your goal: Just-in-time receipt of your required components at a cost-efficient price.

We bring in our expertise for your interest. We are worldwide active in the industries:

  • Non-franchised distribution of active and passive components
  • Hard to find and discontinued parts
  • Special components
  • Small quantity parts for prototypes introduction, pilot production and product development
  • Last time buy and end of life procurement
  • Long-term large scale delivery and shortage management
  • Strategic components and commodities

Cost Reduction

The (so called) global secondary market opens doors for cost reduction opportunities as well, which should not be underestimated. The consolidation of needs of our customers and purchase of productfamilies or manufacturer centered ordering gives us the necessary economy of scale  for cost reduction opportunities. Furthermore procurement opportunities can be found at contract distribution or OEM Customers in Asia or US directly which are not accessable by our customers but lead to further cost improvement opportunities.
For the different cost reduction possibilities we support our cutomers via frame contract, NDA's, quality ensurance contract and will support with an specified buffer stock, so that we can react also to changes in forecast and our customers can concentrate on their key competences. We are pleased to customize our offer specifically to the needs of our customers – your request ist very welcome!

Value Added Services

To put appropriate logistics strategies into practice, we work together with our clients to analyze the requirements and implement tailor-made solutions, according to market standards. We offer:

Optimization of purchasing processes and procurement strategies

  • Bill of materials analysis
  • Non-strategic suppliers consolidation
  • Last time buy and end of life product analysis

Customer specific stockholding

Stockholding as a method of supporting production is a need. In times of cost efficency measurements the quantities are under focus to be reduced to a minimum without increasing risk for the production. We are supporting our customers next to  timely procurement also with spezified customer buffer stock to balance changes in forecast and to support a smooth production.

We support with

  • Frame agreement with customized buffer stock
  • One of the biggest warehous with obsolete parts - which are available asap
  • Consignement stock opportunities for excess inventories of our customers
  • Kitting
  • KANBAN logistics
  • C parts management
  • Certified Disposal on request

Benefit yourself from our expertise in excess inventory marketing as well.

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