Pro-active Obsolescence-Management

ixes logistic center 08The better we know the needs of our customers, the higher is the quality of risk management

Still many companies are confronted with the problem, that urgently needed components are no longer available on the market and a re-design for the next generation of products or compontens has not been provided so far.

Our answer is pro-active obsolescence management. This method of risk management supports to avoid abnoxious surprises.

We are offering different levels of obsolescence management - all are specified towards the needs of our customers. We are therefore in the position to support especially mid-sized companies which do not have an inhouse obsolescence management.

In Osolescence Management we access our combined expertise of global procurement, shortage management and excess inventory recapitalization.

Request your personal offer - we will show you the alterantives starting with the preventive screening of devices, the global sourcing opportunities up to long term stocking possiblities.

ixes is a member of the well-respected obsolescence-management-organization COG Deutschland e.V.

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