Shortage Management

ixes beschaffungskonzepteNo other issue results in more rushed actions and ad hoc meassures than the ones if electronic devices are not available in a company. Intelligent supervision of needs and stock can prevent from such and avoid the high cost of a production stop. We support again according to our slogan "fast, fair, uncomplicated" - nowhere else our customers need to be able to rely more on our speed combined with the security in supply.

Shortages in production are caused by different factors:

  • Short term demand
  • Quality issues within the production or caused by insufficient stocking
  • long manufacturer lead times
  • world wide demand exceeding availability and allocation of devices
  • End of life and obsolesence of devices

Our know how:

  • up to date market information and knowledge of "what is going on"
  • pro-active information towards our customers and supporting measures to overcome shortages
  • fast and unbuerocratic search and procurement
  • secured supply through qualified suppliers
  • extended incoming inspection
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